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Tyler Orr, LPC/MHSP

Tyler Orr is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC/MHSP) and National Certified Counselor (NCC) dedicated to offering holistic and experiential assistance that exceeds the boundaries of traditional talk therapy. He offers an interactive, here-and-now, body-centered approach to counseling that integrates mindfulness, nonduality, somatic and attachment focused EMDR, and Somatic Experiencing® techniques. Tyler specializes in working with chronic pain, early childhood trauma, and religious abuse. He is the owner of the Chattanooga Center for Mind-Body Therapy in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the co-owner of the Insight Pain Institute, and an EMDRIA approved consultant and trainer in training with the Personal Transformation Institute. Click here for information on how to make an appointment. 

Darlene Karst, LPC/MHSP

Darlene is a certified Rapid Resolution Therapist (RRT) with a passion for working with trauma, phobias, and anxiety, specifically sexual trauma. RRT allows her to eliminate the emotional responses clients have to traumatic events much quicker than conventional therapeutic modalities. Darlene’s approach also offers her clients new skills and education about how the mind works. Darlene has extensive training and experience working with panic disorders, and has a passion for working with couples to help them improve their relationship, both sexually and emotionally. Couples are taught how to use words and be aware of body responses to decrease conflict. Darlene’s office is a peaceful and tranquil environment with low lighting and aromatherapy oils to help her clients leave more relaxed than on arrival.

To schedule with Darlene, call 423-290-0358 or email darlene@chattanoogamindbody.com.

For more information vist www.darlenekarst.com

Click here to read a client review of Darlene's services. 



The clinicians at the Chattanooga Center for Mind-Body Therapy work independently and schedule their own appointments. Please call the number of the practitioner you want to reach and either the practitioner or the practitioners administrative assistant, Jennifer or Susan, will return your call within 24 hours.

Tyler Orr, LPC/MHSP
Phone: 423-244-5918
Email: tyler@tylerorr.com
Website: tylerorr.com

Darlene Karst, LPC/MHSP
Phone: 423-290-0358
Email: darlene@chattanoogamindbody.com

The Chattanooga Center for Mind-Body Therapy is located at:
6245 Vance Rd, Suite 109
Chattanooga, TN 37421