Walking into Darlene's office for the first time, I was highly skeptical.  Having had many other therapeutic modalities in the past including EMDR, CBT & DBT, I didn't hold much faith that this time things would be any different.  I was suffering from night terrors and panic attacks in connection from things of my past.  Normal day to day life had become quite overwhelming and unmanageable. 

Having been told about Rapid Resolution therapy (RRT) through a friend who had previously seen Darlene and seeing the marked difference it had made in his life, I decided to give it a try...

My experience in RRT has changed my life!  Not only was it the most noninvasive approach I've had to a highly sensitive issue, but Darlene does a phenomenal job at reading physiological responses and maintaining a calm, safe environment for true healing to take place.

Mixing stories and scenarios along with using grounding exercises, Darlene never runs out of ways to access the issue at hand while keeping you present and in the moment.

From my experiences in RRT, I am now able to look on the events of my past as just that; events.  They no longer drive my life the way that they used to, freeing my mind for the things of this moment.  I will forever be grateful for Darlene and Rapid Resolution therapy and the peace it has brought into my life when I never thought it would be possible.